Quality management

To successfully guide the management towards quality, AUTOCARES MATEOS defines as a general policy to achieve the full satisfaction of its customers, differentiating itself in the road passenger transport sector for the quality and reliability of its services.

The Mission of AUTOCARES MATEOS is to become a leading company in the sector and for this it acquires the following commitments:

• To have the necessary means to continuously measure and increase the satisfaction of its customers, covering their needs and expectations, and providing a quality service with minimum environmental effects, as well as the collection of complaints that may arise in the development of your activity.

• Comply with legal and regulatory requirements and any other requirements that the organization subscribes.

• Develop and take advantage of the human potential of its staff, at the individual level and promoting the formation of work teams. It is the intention of AUTOCARES MATEOS to set up a stable and adequately trained staff, having available the necessary resources for this.

• Prevent pollution.

• Maintain a respectful attitude towards the environment, constantly reducing the environmental impact that its processes could generate.

• Manage and continuously improve their processes, through the systematization, analysis and improvement of them.

• Review and / or establish annually the objectives of quality, environmental and safety and health at work, based on the results obtained in previous years.

• Provide clients with the appropriate information about the services provided and the products offered.

The AUTOCARES MATEOS Management concedes a priority interest and the maximum support to the Prevention of Labor Risks, due to its strategic nature and as a means to protect the integrity and health of the people that could potentially be affected, the facilities, the production and the environment. ambient. It considers that the Occupational Health and Safety functions must be present in the training, development, selection and evaluation, and must be integrated in all the hierarchical levels of the company’s personnel.