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At Autocares Mateos we have been offering our passenger transport service in Malaga for more than forty years, we know that when renting a bus, price, comfort and safety are the most important things.
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Our Coach Fleet
At Autocares Mateos, we renew our fleet periodically, always according to the needs of our trips and compliance with regulations.
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Cómo elegir un buen asiento en el autobús

The V.I.P coach fleet is specially designed for our most demanding clients and for the movement of managers and executives in high-end buses.


Transfers from Malaga Airport and train station to the different hotels on the Costa del Sol and hotels in other provinces.


Daily displacements of your workers, making any route, we offer our services at very competitive prices


All our excursions and circuits are personalized, adapting them to the needs of our clients and being totally flexible.


Punctuality and safety are basic priorities in our accompaniment and assistance service during the collection at the school and the subsequent displacement.


Possibility of hiring adapted buses, buses with standard equipment, and buses with luxury equipment, for our VIP clients.


We adapt and make our fleet of buses, minibuses and even vehicles adapted for those with reduced mobility available to you.


We cover the needs of all cruise passengers who disembark at the Port of Malaga

Autocares Mateos

…always travel with you

Our fleet adapts to all needs, we have coaches with 59 and 55 seats, and for smaller groups, we have microbuses and minibuses with 35, 30, 20 and 15 seats.

We offer our service for all types of transfers, buses for school transport, excursions, national and international circuits, coaches for weddings, Shuttle, transfers and transport service for VIP groups.

Our commitment to quality is firm. At Autocares Mateos, we take care of even the smallest detail. To provide the best service to our customers, we have a qualified team of professional drivers, and our coaches and minibuses are equipped with the best features on the market.

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Our fleet

Technology, security and avant-garde to take you to your destination


Frequently Asked Questions

Bus drivers can only work a set number of hours, like most of us. However, what many people are unaware of is that there are driver schedule rules that determine daily driving time and daily rest periods.

The land mobility law establishes that a bus driver is obliged to make a 45-minute stop every 4 and a half hours of travel. You also cannot drive for more than 9 hours during your working day.

As an exception, you may only drive two days a week for 10 hours, as long as you do not drive more than 90 hours in 15 days. This must be administered by the driver or the transport company as it deems appropriate.

Some of the coaches in our fleet have screens where you can enjoy a good movie if you wish.

Remain seated
If the bus is moving you must remain seated, because if the driver suddenly brakes you can fall and cause other passengers to fall as well. Stay seated throughout the journey.

Have a correct posture
Try to stay in a position that is comfortable for you and at the same time allows you to stand upright. Do not put your feet on the seat in front of you or lie down on the seat, as this can cause you to injure yourself if the driver hits the brakes.

Be careful with backpacks
If you get on the bus with suitcases or backpacks, you must be careful with them, try not to make the luggage too heavy. Place it in the approved areas for this, which is normally located in the upper part of the bus.

Don’t distract the driver
The driver must be very focused. Avoid making noise or trying to make conversation with him while he’s driving so you don’t distract him.

Wear comfortable and flexible clothing
Try to wear loose clothing to promote circulation.

Take advantage of the stops to move
If you are going to make a long trip, the driver must stop in certain sections. Take advantage of these stops to stretch your legs, take walks and stretch.

Yes, there will be an accompanying adult who will act as a transport monitor and who will ensure the safety and good behavior of the boys and girls traveling on the bus.

The buses that have a bathroom are those contracted with the service for VIP groups.

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